3 Great Ways to Welcome Fall Into Your Apartment

fall clothing

It's the season of cooler temperatures and changing colors. Celebrate fall with these activities at your apartment in Dallas. The lower temperatures are a welcome break from the summer heat. However, when it gets too chilly, you might want to curl up and get warm. Use a hot water bottle under the covers, at the end of your bed. Your feet will stay … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy with Fresh Foods from Central Market

Central Market Dallas

Staying healthy is easier when fresh and delicious food is available. Take a trip to the market to stock up on healthy groceries. Central Market has a huge selection of everything from wine and cheese to fresh, local produce. Take a walk through the aisles to get inspired for your next meal. The foodie team at the market works hard to provide great, … [Read more...]

Find Your New Look at NorthPark Mall

NorthPark Mall Artwork

Transform yourself with a whole new look. Everything you need is at the mall, near your apartment in Northeast Dallas. The NorthPark Mall is your destination for luxury shopping. Start with a visit to the four corners of the shopping center. Nordstrom and Macy's have a home in two corners while Dillard's and Neiman Marcus each boast four floors of … [Read more...]

Try These 2 Fun Tricks with Your Dog

Here are some simple tricks to teach your pooch here at your pet-friendly uptown Dallas urban flats.  Source: morgueFile

Teaching your dog tricks is a fun way for both of you to share quality time. Here are two entertaining moves he'll enjoy learning. Rolling over is a trick best taught in stages. Place your dog in a down position, then use a treat to entice him through each successive move. Rewarding him with the treat after each step gives it a positive association. Once … [Read more...]

For a Delicious Meal Downtown Head to Dakota’s Steakhouse

Dakota's Steakhouse boasts some of the tastiest steak and like fine dining found around your uptown Dallas urban flats community.  Source: Facebook

For some restaurants, the dining room decor is almost an afterthought. At Dakota's Steakhouse, located at 600 North Akard Street in downtown Dallas, the ambiance is as memorable as the food. Your experience begins with a canopied glass elevator ride one level underground with a view of Dakota's spectacular subterranean courtyard. The restaurant itself … [Read more...]